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🌟One of My FAVORITE 🥰pics gifted to me

 I use my unique gift of serving up meditations, affirmations and gentle movement to WARM UP, ENGAGE and PREPARE your event attendees for optimal receptivity.

Rachel Hollis's RISE Conference 2019

Minneapolis, MN

Attendees: 3800

"So grateful for you this weekend. Your energy is incredible and it transformed my world.

I was terrified to go to Rise this weekend - filled with unshakeable anxiety that I didn’t belong, or that something horrible would happen.

Your energy transcended all the way to the Terrace section and overwhelmed my soul with all of the love and welcome. It completely changed me."

Megan Nichole Kunstman

RISExMinn Attendee

Day 2 _ Sea! checkout #theturnup! Who sa

Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage


Attendees: 3000

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