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"Tanita’s energy, patience and communication were superb. The dancing she taught was not just exercise or artistic expression.  It was downright therapeutic! 

I appreciate her connecting movement to our work: when she would talk about energy or goals or obstacles, she encouraged us to use work-related examples."


David C.

General Manager

Associated Students, CSUN


MOVEMENTSHOPS: Interactive Workshops that seamlessly blend Movement with personal goals and aspirations for an unforgettable, trans-formative experience.



A movementshop that explores why movement is a necessary tool in your personal development and how to incorporate it into your daily life. Highlights include:

  • The ancient wisdom of using dance as prayer, meditation, healing and celebration

  • Why movement feels so good!

  • Energy Centers: chakra-based movement and how to affirm yourself through movement

  • How to create and incorporate movement affirmations into your daily practice


Balancing Act: Explore Reclaiming Our Time with Tools & Tips for Self-Care, Self-Compassion & Self-Love in our busy everyday lives. Come prepared to take notes, share experiences, do breath-work,

simple yoga stretches and gentle movement affirmations.


CREATING POSITIVE SHIFT with MOVEMENT: INTENTION, FOCUS, FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE and other Tools for Choosing Happiness.  Participants are guided to creatively explore shadow energy and how to use Movement and affirmation to navigate through it so that they can effectively engage their goals.... wellness, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, collaboration, productivity, personal success...they're all just a few movements away!

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