Retreating allows us to UNPLUG, FOCUS ON OURSELVES,  our dreams, passions and desires. We get to HEAL, RESTORE, ATTUNE, STRENGTHEN and RECLAIM OUR TIME!

We get to journey together and allow that deep, quiet, beautiful, energy that only comes from retreating within to set the environment for reshaping our thoughts, perceptions and actions, reconnecting with our true intentions; and re-igniting the path to our most abundant, wondrous selves...

Guided by the passion and inspiration we can find through movement affirmations, free form dancing, breath-work, meditation, yoga, self-reflection and journaling we get to experience JOYFUL TRANSFORMATION!

There is a beautiful trans-formative CENTERING that happens when stillness meets up with it's complimentary energy of movement and THAT'S what makes our RETREATS unique!



I LOVE building community through the cultural and healing arts.

I created Move.Dance.LIVE!™ for that very reason so traveling the world conducting movementshops, certification trainings, and facilitating cross-cultural retreats to help myself and others heal, attune and enlighten was a natural step in my company's growth.

After retreating in Maui, Ghana, and other parts of Africa, I was inspired to provide a retreat that was economically affordable AND coveted an enriching experience in a deeply  immersive environment that garnered true cultural exchange.   

Interested in joining us in Ghana? Click on the Highlighted Link below.

Ghana 2020

(APRIL 6 - 16)

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